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Strategy and Principles

Technology, in the right hands, can create a competitive advantage.  Today, technological advances occur at breathtaking speed.  At Noatum Logistics, we rely on our Information Technology Guiding Principles to provide direction for our behaviors and the allocation of resources.

Customer Service:   We deliver useful, accurate and timely information and services to our customers.  We are responsive to their needs and constantly strive to meet and exceed their expectations.

Innovation:    We actively pursue technological innovation as a way to facilitate and enable superior service.  We explore and promote information technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Application Strategy:  Our applications seek to make the world a smaller place by working to simplify the complex and conceal the chaos.  We strive to create solutions that are practical and streamlined.

Technology Selection:  We create solutions that are reliable, dependable and highly available.  We measure our performance.

Product Integration:   We construct applications that diminish the mindset of “domestic” or “global.”

Layers:   We use a layered architecture to adapt to changes in both user requirements and technology innovations with minimum disruption and costs.

IT Organization:   Our organization is designed to maximize collaboration while retaining agility.  We centralize activities to obtain economies of scale yet we are geographically dispersed to meet the specific needs of local organizations.

Integrity and Teamwork:   We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards.  We exemplify the cooperative spirit by working together with respect for other’s ideas and contributions.

People Development:  We are committed to building, empowering and preserving a highly skilled technology workforce.  We work every day to learn new things and are committed to sharing our ideas with one another.

Metrics:   To ensure the ongoing management of our investments and continuous improvement, we establish ongoing programs to measure system quality and adherence to standards provided by our customers.