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Europe Control Tower

Today’s markets are more competitive and demanding than ever. Businesses are looking further afield for new, lower-cost, better quality and faster lead times without extending too far of reach where it could increase supply chain risk and other operational inefficiencies. At times, over managed communication is required to supply specific product and shipment data, along with a lack of visibility across multiple regions in different time zones. With the Noatum Logistics Europe Control Tower your supply chain is under control.

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Performance Delivered Across Europe

If you have shipments that originate across Europe, the Europe Control Tower team gathers and consolidates data from vendors, manufacturers and carriers to monitor and manage customer supply chains, distributing updates in a consistent format. We detect issues, risks and pitfalls at the earliest stage, which means that correcting action can be initiated and product flows maintained at optimum performance.

The heart of our control tower is the supply chain and logistics information hub that is supported and maintained by a dedicated team in our Netherlands office, located strategically by Schiphol airport. Status updates are collected continuously from suppliers, Noatum Logistics consolidation hubs and carriers to provide the Control Tower team with a clear picture on the actual status of purchase orders, product in stock and shipments that are in preparation or in transit.

Managing pan-regional integrated supply chains end-to-end ensures that it consistently maintains the reliability and service levels that generate value over the long term and means that our clients can focus on their core business, confident that their supply chain will always deliver.


Regardless of physical distance, or supply chain complexity, our clients have visibility of activity and significant events, from vendor through to receipt


Continuous data flow provides a high level view of production, vendor, inventory and carrier performance


Flexing inventory, load consolidation and carrier options to make product consistently available at the most appropriate timing and quantity to match demand

Noatum Logistics Control Tower Chart