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International Shipment Management and Customer Support

Offered as part of our International Supply Chain solution, Noatum Logistics can provide varying levels of shipment management and customer service support to manage your inbound and outbound shipment activities. We can be an extension of your logistics team or act as your logistics team.

Noatum Logistics uses a Load Control Center concept to manage both operational and tactical functions; handling the day-to-day activities of the account, as well as advance planning to optimize future movements.

Load Control

The MIQ Logistics team can manage every facet of a shipment’s lifecycle for a customer, from supplier management and shipment creation to KPI reporting and exception management, promoting clear and effective communication with all main stakeholders. We will create, automate, and centralize shipment processes based on our customer’s business rules. MIQ goes beyond simply executing shipments by providing the following services:

  • Supplier Management
    • Train suppliers to comply with customer’s business rules
    • Provide supplier shipment entry support at load control center and via supplier portal
    • Track supplier compliance and provide ongoing status reports
    • Escalate issues as needed
  • Shipment Creation Support
    • Provide consistency of process according to the SOPs and customer’s specific business rules
    • Manage shipment schedules based on delivery window expectations
    • Identify shipment consolidation, multi-stop and milk run opportunities
    • Select and assign carriers
    • Execute shipments
    • Study shipping trends and continuously improve service
    • Designate a central point of contact
    • Provide afterhours coverage
  • Supply Chain Visibility
    • Support timely and accurate shipment tracking and status monitoring
    • Send status notifications and updates based on predetermined rules
    • Generate daily reports for proactive tracking of any exceptions
    • Track key milestones based on business rules
  • Exception Management
    • Apply exception management, coordination and resolution when unexpected issues arise
    • Resolve daily issues via central point of contact
  • Technology Customer Support
    • Address technical questions – login issues, user set up, system errors, etc.
    • Coordinate upgrade and enhancement roll out support
    • Provide system training

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