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Value Added Services

Noatum Logistics can help you reach your business objectives with a variety of value added services. We will work with you to better understand your business needs and design a solution to improve the effectiveness of your supply chain. Some of our services include total landed cost analysis, supply chain analysis, and a supply chain audit.

As your supply chain evolves to take advantage of new sourcing opportunities, our in-country presence positions trusted personnel for local supervision of material movement. Whether new to a region, or experiencing difficulties with current providers, we’ll help you analyze the situation, identify solutions and direct their execution.

Our state-of-the-art technologies give you shipment and line-item visibility to the SKU level. This extends your control and heightens your flexibility over product movement.

We also can help synchronize your origin and destination supply chain activities. For example, order consolidation helps you supervise factory, product and promotion schedules. Shipping coordination lets you optimize transportation costs and schedules. And import deconsolidation allows you to direct shipments to warehouses, DCs, pool points or individual stores using up-to-date data. The result is greater cost effectiveness and improved dependability for better customer service.

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  • Account management program establishes and tracks key performance indicators and customer business reviews, while supporting value creation and continuous improvement activities.
  • Logistics engineering conducts routing / network analysis and solution design.
  • Total landed cost analysis and reporting identifies and tracks the sum of all costs associated with shipping the product.