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Noatum Logistics knows every business is unique and every shipment is important. When those shipments are oversize or heavy, global or domestic, time critical or require special security, we’ll work with you to ensure their smooth transit using our Project Logistics capabilities. Just tell us what you need; we’ll develop a logistics solution to get the job done.

No matter the requirements, our logistics management professionals will analyze and engineer a supply chain solution specific to your project cargo needs to ensure delivery of the shipment on time and in safe condition.


The above photo gallery provides a glimpse into the project logistics and supply chain management solutions implemented by Noatum Logistics for our customers.

Noatum Logistics Logistics carefully analyzed and planned the movement of each of these heavy-lift and over-dimensional shipments so they would reach their destinations on time and in good condition. For these moves, a carefully thought-through loading and discharge plan is an essential part of the project.

The planning process starts with comprehensive information about the shipment, including its characteristics and density, stowage factor, angle of repose and special properties, all of which may affect the transport process.

When specifically looking at the ocean forwarding segment of the move, the planning process must consider the characteristics of the shipment, the vessel’s structure, the equipment necessary to handle the shipment, and the origin and destination ports. All aspects are deliberated to maintain the integrity of the customer’s shipment and the safety of the vessel and its personnel.

Loading/unloading equipment needs are identified in advance. For example, the number of loaders, their ranges of motion, and the terminals’ loading and unloading rates all are part of the loading and discharge plan.

Whether by ocean, air or land, careful planning by experience logistics professionals helps ensure shipments reach their destination on time so that your project stays on track.

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