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Origin and Destination Services

Our Origin and Destination Services consist of a suite of consolidation, warehouse management, global trade management and business intelligence tools designed to add flexibility and economies to your operations.

Our Origin and Destination Services help you manage the cost, timing, and composition of materials as they flow through your supply chain, allowing you to more effectively meet service requirements. Better management of supply chain activities at the point of origin – including purchase orders, vendor activity, trade compliance, cargo consolidation and shipping activities – benefits the entire flow of materials. Our Origin and Destination services also can be integrated with our global logistics services, moving product from the point of manufacture to the point of consumption, to help you:

  • Maximize profit, cash flow and optimize invested capital
  • Improve speed to market, market share and maximize revenue growth
  • Improve visibility and control throughout your supply chain.

Our Origin and Destination Services

Case Study: Apparel Retailer

Noatum Logistics saved the customer 20 percent on transportation and warehousing in year one, and an additional 10 percent in year two and we continue to implement innovative solutions that improve the customer’s supply chain. Read more

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