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Global Business Intelligence

Reporting and Metrics

Are you looking for more visibility of your global supply chain activities?  Do you have an overwhelming amount of data to manage and struggling to effectively identify trends and make business decisions?

With Noatum Logistics Business Intelligence tools, we help our customers track meaningful metrics, gain a deeper understanding of their supply chain, and recognize more opportunities for optimal business efficiency.

Greater insight into current performance drives better future performance. That’s the power behind business intelligence from Noatum Logistics.

With Noatum Logistics, you’ll have access to market leading reporting, dashboards and analytics, including:

  • Operational, real-time reporting to support daily shipping, import, and export activities.
  • Dashboards to track key performance indicators with the ability to drill down to the data and understand trends.
  • Analytical reports provide a summary view of data to aid in decision making and budget

Operational Reporting

Operational reports can be access through our global technology platforms.  These reports will help manage exceptions based on event milestone status and customer specific business rules. Each user will have the ability to set up reports based on their specific needs.


Noatum Logistics utilizes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure and report performance that are mutually decided upon between our customer and Noatum Logistics. We consolidate these KPIs into a dashboard to track and measure our customer’s key metric and goals. The dashboard will help identify any areas that are trending negatively or need to be corrected immediately to ensure our customer’s continued success.

Analytical Reporting

Analytical reporting is available for a variety of metrics including: total-landed cost, monthly cost-savings, monthly service performance, vendor compliance, annual net impact and numerous other metrics. In addition, custom report generation is available based on specific business intelligence needs.  Analytical reporting supports our customer’s planning and budget forecasts, process improvement initiatives, and overall global supply chain visibility needs.


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