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Defining Roles In The 3PL Industry: Business Needs And Service Providers

In its annual report, noted supply chain management and consulting firm, Armstrong & Associates revealed that 90 percent of domestic Fortune 500 companies used third-party logistics (3PL) providers for logistics and supply chain functions. The most commonly outsourced service is domestic transportation.

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Network Evaluation: Assessing the Health of your Supply Chain

A network evaluation is a 360-degree review which provides an assessment of the health of your supply chain and logistics management practices. The evaluation identifies strengths, weakness and opportunities, which helps chart a path to achieving optimal performance from your supply chain. By following the recommendation of a network evaluation, your business will benefit through increased supply chain savings and efficiencies, which are scalable for future growth.

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Rippling Benefits of Origin Consolidation 

Origin consolidation gives you control and visibility, as well as rippling benefits throughout your supply chain. Control product from its origin to realize costs savings, and gain visibility starting at the factory that enhances your ability to plan. Origin consolidation is the coordination of purchase orders and vendors at the place of purchase.

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Environmental Sustainability

Expanded emissions model encourages “green” decision making for shippers  Many shippers assume that implementing environmentally-sensitive practices will strike a blow to their bottom line. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Shippers now can offset an environmental impact and still meet their cost, service, and capacity goals by understanding the environmental effects of their shipping activities and measuring their environmental footprint.

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Connecting Supply Chain Improvements with Financial Performance

Companies of all sizes have the ability to enhance financial performance through supply chain management. Global outsourcing can reduce the cost of goods sold; however, process inefficiencies may actually neutralize savings and affect profitability. Companies need to recognize the impact of their supply chains on revenue growth, operating expenses and capital utilization. Even small and mid-size companies are finding ways to implement supply chain changes that result in improved shipment visibility and supply chain control, and lead to better financial performance.

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