Cross-Border Services

Make shipping across North America easier with cross-border services from MIQ Logistics. Designed for your convenience, our services help ensure your shipments cross the Canada, U.S. and Mexico borders in a timely and penalty-free manner. Services include all importing and exporting activities through all the primary U.S. ports of entry.  In addition, our logistics professionals have the knowledge to guide you through border-crossing processes.



Single point of contact

Through our centralized processing centers, staffed 24/7





To a network support team of highly skilled and seasoned professionals




Certified Interactive Information Systems


Which facilitate all release, compliance and other governmental agency requirements




To transportation and customs status with PowerVIEW, a Web tracking system




Customs Clearance Support

At multiple locations, including Amherst, N.Y.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Lewiston, N.Y.; Blaine, W.A.; Detroit, Mich.; Pembina, N.D.; Port Huron, M.I., as well as other ports




Immediate assistance to drivers

For any complications or customs inquiries that may impede your shipment’s border clearance



original Canadian flagCanada Cross Border Process

Shipping to Canada? Learn more about our Canada cross border process.

Canada Cross Border Process


Mexico Customs Border

Mexico Cross Border Process

Shipping to Mexico? Learn more about our Mexico cross border process.

Mexico Cross Border Process


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Contact us via our contact form or at + 1 866-603-8061 to learn more about Cross-Border Customs Brokerage.