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Trade Compliance

You began global sourcing and manufacturing outsourcing to significantly boost your company’s bottom-line performance. As world dynamics changed, it’s likely your global supply chain evolved. Global competition, trade agreements, and emerging technologies all may have an ongoing affect on your sourcing decisions.

Unfortunately, trade compliance is very complex. Global trade regulations vary by country and by trade agreements between countries. Import and export regulations, processes and tariffs are evolving, also adding complexity. Ignorance of the laws is no excuse and failure to follow the regulations can result in fines, delays and even the confiscation of goods.

MIQ Logistics can help make sure your supply chain’s performance is meeting or exceeding your business expectations, whether this is your first-time entry into global commerce or you are fine-tune your global supply chain. With our global presence, we have the scope and local expertise in trade compliance to support your operations.

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Our Trade Compliance services ensure regulatory compliance while mitigating supply chain disruptions and identifying cost savings opportunities for our customers.

Our in-country logistics professionals remain current on regulations so that we can provide the services you need to effectively navigate the complex world of global commerce with pre-shipment and export compliance services and trade assistance.

  • Customs Brokerage: We will execute all formalities governing the entry of foreign goods into the destination territory as required by the destination customs and excise authorities.
  • Export Compliance: Our global experts also handle export formalities including denied party screening, supply chain security reporting and AES filing.
  • Global Trade Management: Our team of professionals can help you make sourcing decision further back in your supply chain to keep your operations nimble and cost effective, while reducing supply chain disruptions.