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Carrier Management Services

Offered as part of our International Freight Forwarding service, Noatum Logistics provides various levels of global carrier management support including modal management, administration, performance management and safety compliance services. Noatum Logistics manages thousands of qualified carriers across all modes. The Noatum Logistics Carrier Management Team maintains relationships and monitors the performance and compliance for all of our ocean, air, drayage, intermodal and other carriers.

Noatum Logistics maintains proactive and constructive carrier management service relationships with partner carriers that includes:

  • Market competitive rates
  • Regular benchmarking via the customer’s account team
  • Use of the right carrier based on service and lead-time requirements
  • Carrier performance reporting

Ocean Carrier Management Services

  • Maintain multiple carrier relationships with the largest shipping lines across all major trade lanes.
  • 40+ ocean service contracts with all key alliances
  • Recognized NVOCC
  • Negotiated Rate Agreements (NRA)
  • Full container shipments (FCL) and less than container (LCL) consignments as well as expedited LCL and FCL options
  • Ocean freight market updates
  • Container and document release captured in Noatum Logistics PowerView Supply Chain Management Platform

Air Carrier Management Services

  • Maintain relationships with core air carriers on all key trade lanes
  • Manage air carrier relationships leveraging space allocation and competitive rate options
  • BSA agreements to and from key origins and destinations

When we are providing customer specific pricing, the MIQ Logistics carrier management service team will conduct an initial carrier procurement event to identify and qualify carriers to meet our customer’s specific shipping needs, selecting the right carrier mix to best support customer’s operations and service level needs. The MIQ Logistics carrier management team will review shipping data to determine opportunities for improvement and provide consulting and analysis to support customer’s carrier strategy.

Our customers also benefit from MIQ Logistics’ expertise in contract negotiation, not just from an actual rate perspective, but also for consistent pricing methodology, contractual alignment, and normalizing rate templates. MIQ Logistics has adopted an extensive carrier onboarding and qualification process that involves a thorough review of specific safety, legal, and insurance criteria. Following the initial carrier review, MIQ Logistics continues to actively monitor all carriers’ status.

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