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PowerVIEW - Shipment Management

Noatum Logistics gives you and your business partners visibility to global shipments, 24/7, with our PowerVIEW global shipment management technology.  Receive container status updates direct from the steamship lines’ back-office systems, along with proactive status notifications and exception notifications. PowerVIEW also maintains a repository of shipment activity data.

The system has flexibility built in, giving you the option to let your business partners view shipment status and costs, or just the shipment status information.

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PowerView Global Track & Trace Functionality

  • Visibility of all your global shipments through a single source
  • Multi-modal status updates through carrier feeds (ocean, air, rail, truck)
  • Milestone tracking by specific shipment/container that push status messages and exception notifications
  • Available shipment details include routing, ISF, customs clearance, reference numbers, goods, and documentation
  • Document imaging and repository by shipment
  • Dashboard tailored to your business needs
  • Accounting visibility and management
  • Customize and download shipment lists and reports
  • Mobile-friendly design