Transportation Management

Turn transportation management into a competitive advantage – quickly and without disrupting your business. With MIQ Logistics, you’ll gain control of key transportation processes, dramatically improve your operating efficiency, enhance your profitability, and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Our dynamic and comprehensive Transportation Management services align your supply chain with your strategic business objectives.   Regardless of your industry, the countries where you do business, or the complexity of your transportation requirements, we add efficiencies with network strategy design, predictive modeling, shipment optimization and transportation management system technologies.

Our experienced global logistics engineers design innovative solutions to meet your unique needs and deliver the results that drive your business.

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MIQ Logistics transportation management solution includes a breadth of services:

  • Logistics engineering facilitates strategic decision making and alignment of your supply chain with your business objectives. Includes:
    • Network analysis and redesign
    • Transportation optimization
    • Continuous improvement opportunities
  • Order management gives you visibility to your orders’ lifecycles for better control over inbound product flow and vendor performance. Includes:
    • Purchase order management
    • Transportation company assignment
    • Shipment creation
    • Vendor compliance
  • Shipment planning and execution creates, automates and centralizes shipment processes based on your business rules, making comprehensive load control possible for your inbound, outbound and third-party shipments. Includes:
    • Shipment optimization/consolidation
    • Carrier selection and assignment
    • Online shipment visibility
  • Financial reconciliation supports freight bill audit and carrier payment that includes:
    • Best-in-class accrual practices
    • Greater accuracy of rates and bills
    • Discrepancy resolution
  • Carrier management matches your specific shipping needs with carrier capabilities across all modes. Includes:
    • Access to various types of transportation companies based on your shipping needs
    • Carrier analysis
    • Selection/qualification process
    • Bid process management
    • Contract negotiations
    • Performance monitoring
  • Account management ensures ongoing customer satisfaction through hands-on management. Includes:
    • KPI identification and tracking
    • Regular business reviews
    • Ongoing value creation initiatives
    • Information on industry trends and best practices
  • Reporting and information management lets you track and analyze key business metrics for overall improved supply chain performance, and provides a centralized source for all transportation and financial information. Includes:
    • Multiple reporting options
    • Real-time operational updates
    • Automated report distribution
  • PowerTMS™ cloud-based transportation management system gives you supply chain visibility for better control of your interactions with vendors, transportation companies, distribution centers and customers. PowerTMS supports your operations with:
    • Quick quotes
    • Planning and optimization of routes and schedules
    • Supply chain visibility
    • Purchase order management
    • Data connectivity
    • Improved efficiency and compliance
    • Work process automation
    • Tracking and reporting

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Inbound Transportation Management

Talk to MIQ Logistics about managing your inbound transportation. You’ll uncover increased productivity and financial benefits as we help you

  • Gain greater understanding of the costs of products separate from shipping them
  • Enhance visibility to order processing and shipping
  • Realize potential transportation cost savings
  • Simplify the audit process

If you’re already using us for your outbound transportation, we can bundle inbound and outbound services for even greater benefits.

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