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Iraq Gas Turbine Project Move

Coordinated the logistics for a gas turbine project in Iraq

stopwatch iconChallenge

The customer needed help moving over-size products from the United States to a petro-chemical plant project in Northern Iraq. The first phase of the project had 174 pieces of cargo that totaled 325 metric tons .

The shipment consisted of gas turbines, compressors and related heavy equipment that were in 9 containers for 140 of the pieces and 34 loose break bulk pieces.


Noatum Logistics worked with our Middle East global-network partner to engineer an end-to-end solution that included:

  • Manufacturer-to-port transportation services in the United States
  • International ocean freight to the port in Iraq
  • Customs clearance and documentation
  • Delivery to the final destination located more than 500 miles from the port

The proposal leveraged the Project Logistics expertise of Noatum Logistics, our partner’s destination capabilities, and a creative pricing structure. The proposed solution was based on the collection and analysis of detailed shipment-handling, transportation and port requirements.


  • Organized the scheduling and purchase of the shipper owned containers upon special request from the customer.
  • Conducted pre-shipment surveys and inspections prior to loading the gas turbines.
  • Managed detailed shipment-handling requirements, Customs clearance, permits, timelines and other needs.
  • Moved gas turbines and equipment from the US-based supplier to Houston.
  • Oversaw packing and crating of the shipment and the vessel-loading process to ensure compliance with shipment-handling requirements and safe transit.
  • Coordinated activities with all parties involved, including the supplier, customer, ocean vessel operator, packer, surveyor and stevedore.
  • Arranged transportation from Umm Qasr, Iraq to the shipment’s final destination in Kirkuk, Iraq.

bar graphResult

  • Shipment moved safely, securely and consistently within the construction timeline.
  • Noatum Logistics and our Middle East global-network partner will continue to move cargo for subsequent phases of the project.