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On November 7th, the National Hurricane Center issued a hurricane and storm surge watch for the east coast of Florida. Floridians located on the east coast are being advised to prepare for another storm less than 6 weeks after Hurricane Ian’s landfall. The storm has been named Nicole and is forecasted to strengthen over the next couple of days, possibly to hurricane levels. Hurricane Nicole’s path is uncertain at this time but could strike the east coast of Florida. At this moment, beaches are extremely vulnerable due to the proximity and recent occurrence of Hurricane Ian. This is because Florida’s east coast beaches’ dune lines have been eroded and are still yet to recover. National Weather Service meteorologist, Kip Bricker, announced that “[w]ater may be able to get over places where the dunes are still eroded from a month or so ago.” This could lead to extensive flooding if Hurricane Nicole were to hit Florida. Regardless of its path, Noatum will keep you informed about the details in your supply chain.

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