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Port congestion had finally looked like it was easing in May and early June, ship queues had reduced to double digits. As of June 10th, there were 92 vessels held up offshore, led by 25 at the Savannah port, Georgia with 25, 20 off Los Angeles/Long Beach, 18 off New York/New Jersey, and 14 off Houston. Quickly, port congestion escalated to near record highs. On July 8th rising to 125 vessels and showing no signs of stopping, by July 19th 140 vessels were waiting offshore.

With the congestion count still rising, the North American shipping queue has seen an increase of 66% within the past seven weeks. Currently, the vessel count is at 153, with 43 container ships waiting off Savannah; 26 off Los Angeles/Long Beach; 24 off Houston; 18 off New York/New Jersey; 17 off Vancouver, British Columbia; 15 off Oakland, California; and 10 ships off other ports.

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