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Brazil Increases Duty on 100 Items

The Brazilian Board of Foreign Trade (CAMEX) approved temporary Import Duty increases for 100 products, effective the first of October. The increased duty particularly affects the steel, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and capital good sectors. The increases will remain in effect for 12 months, but can be extended until December 31, 2014

Brazil is reviewing an second list of 100 additional products which may be subject to duty increases next month.

Brazil is the United States’ 8th largest goods export market. U.S. goods exports to Brazil total more than $35 billion. Overall, U.S. exports to Brazil account for 3 percent of total U.S. exports. The top U.S. exports to Brazil are machinery, aircraft, and electric machinery.

Click here to view the list of 100 products in Portuguese on the Brazilian Government’s website.

Click here to view the English translated list of the 100 products. (NB  Items designated by ** indicate that the increase applies to the named item within a subcategory in the listed tariff number)

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