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Reminder:  On December 15, 2019, the China List 4B Tariffs will go into effect at 15%. These tariffs were first posted in the Federal Register Notice 84 FR 43304  dated August 20, 2019.  This list was modified on August 30, 2019, in Federal Register Notice 84 FR 45821 increasing the tariff rate to 15% from 10%. List 4B includes products such as cell phones, laptop computers, video game consoles, certain toys, computer monitors, and certain items of footwear and clothing.

Shippers remain hopeful that a Phase 1 agreement between the United States and China will stop the implementation of these List 4B items. However, since the Phase 1 agreement has not yet been reached, we are encouraging our clients and shippers to prepare for these tariffs to go into effect on December 15 as originally announced.

The United States Trade Representative (USTR) office has created a Tariff Search Tool that importers can use to determine any applicable China tariffs for their products by searching for specific harmonized tariff scheduled (HTS) numbers.

The USTR has announced that it intends to conduct an exclusion process for products subject to the additional tariff.

For more information, please contact your local Noatum Logistics (Formerly MIQ Logistics) representative