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China’s Zika Requirements Affect Inbound Containers From the U.S.

On August 2nd the World Health Organization listed the U.S as a country that was reporting the mosquito-born Zika virus. Just 24 hours after this announcement China added the U.S. to their list of Zika-infected countries; which currently totals approximately 40. This listing brings about new requirements for all containers that are being shipped from the U.S. to China.

While these requirements have been in a state of flux since the August 3rd announcement from China there are some government links which MIQ would like to provide to help keep our customers informed as this situation evolves.

Since March of this year, China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (ASIQ) has been requiring that all Zika-infected countries comply with disinsection requirements.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture “Disinsection in this case means killing live mosquitoes, their larva, and eggs”.  With this definition in mind, staff from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing met with AQSIQ’s Department of Supervision and Health Quarantine on August 18th. The outcome of this meeting was a six-page document from the U.S. Department of Agriculture which provides twelve AQSIQ’s responses, as well as common FAQ’s. The document can be accessed here.

An article from The Wall Street Journal this morning helps illustrate how there has been some conflicting information of container fumigation requirements. Much of the confusion appears to be stemming around whether the containers destined for China must be fumigated at origin or upon arrival in China. Additional confusion lies around whether fumigation documentation is provided upon arrival, or if Chinese ports will accept the documentation from abroad.

Beyond the documentation and location of the actual fumigation, other concerns are beginning to be brought to light around both cost impacts and possible delays to containers that are put in que for fumigation.  While information may change, as further clarifications and updates are made, MIQ Logistics will continue to monitor this situation closely.

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