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Defenses to alleged violations of the FCPA, and one very narrow exception to the FPCA


  1. Reasonable entertainment and promotional expenditures
    • Expenditures directly related to:
      i. the promotion, demonstration or explanation of products or services, or
      ii. the performance of a contract with a foreign government or agency.
  2. Payments lawful under local written law
    • While it may have been more commonplace in certain international places in the past, bribery is not lawful in any countries today


  1. Facilitating payments (discouraged)
    • “Facilitating Payments” are small payments to foreign officials in order to expedite or facilitate a foreign official’s performance of:

1) A non-discretionary, “routine governmental action,” that
2) The Foreign Official ordinarily performs, and
3) MIQ is entitled to under the laws of that country

Practice Tip:

  1. If a facilitating payment is not allowed under the law of the local country, you should not make or offer such a payment.  The Facilitating Payment Exception of the FCPA does not permit or authorize you to violate any law.
  2. Beware of making multiple small payments – the analysis is of “all” such payments made over the duration of the activity.