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FedEx tells feds about Kenya bribe allegations

FedEx Corp. said it reported to U.S. authorities possible bribes to government officials in Kenya, according to a report Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal.

“The shipping company has told the U.S. Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission about the allegations that it potentially violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,” the WSJ said.

FedEx said in a statement to the paper that it is investigating the allegations, and has “not found anything to substantiate” them.

The report said FedEx received an anonymous tip by email in December 2013 with allegations of bribery in Kenya starting in 2010.

“FedEx General Counsel Christine Richards initially responded to the person and copied others on the email, saying that the tip was ‘similar to another complaint we are already investigating,’ according to an email reviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

Richards responded again in March, saying FedEx had been “in touch with the SEC and DOJ regarding this matter.”

The company operates through what it calls nominated service contractors in Kenya and other countries.

“The alleged bribes went to customs officials to clear shipments without inspection, as well as to government vehicle inspectors and others, the person alleged, according to the email.”

The email informed FedEx “that the same notification would go to the DOJ and SEC,” the WSJ said.

(Source: The FCPA Blog)