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Due to recent flooding in British Columbia, Canada, all rail service to and from the Port of Vancouver, including Deltaport and Centerm terminals, has been suspended at this moment. Both CN and CP rails are working to assess the damages and timing needed for repair and resume operations.

The reports of numerous track outages remain in effect impacting both CN and CP rail lines. Both the CP and CN are not accepting containers for imports moving through Vancouver and are also not accepting export containers throughout their networks bound for the port of Vancouver. There has been progress over the past 2 days on restoring some tracks and repairing some of the locations. The CN estimates the rail tracks will not open for another 3-4 days and the CP tracks will not reopen for about a week.

Prince Rupert remains open to rail traffic at this moment.

Meanwhile, we should expect delays in vessel operations at Vancouver terminals, and the ocean carriers are working closely with both Deltaport and Centerm to assess impact to upcoming vessel operations and schedules.

Please review the below link to several pictures of the rail lines, highways and roads:

We are closely monitoring the situation and we will update once more information is available.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Noatum Logistics representative.