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Lunar New Year: Feb 15th – 22nd

For many U.S. importers who are working to bring in merchandise during first quarter, there can be confusion regarding key dates for this holiday.  Some confusion pertains to the approximate date for Chinese and Asian suppliers to stop working prior to the Lunar New Year holiday.  Other questions are pertain to how the holiday impacts customs offices within these countries.

  • The Lunar New Year holiday begins on the 15th of February and runs until the 22nd of February.
  • Many factories will adjust their holiday schedules by closing down either early or later. It is recommended that our customers check individually on the work schedule with their Chinese and Asian vendors.
  • The Lunar New Year peak congestion has an impact both in China and throughout Asia, on the availability of trucks and truck drivers for pick-up and delivery; it is recommended that all bookings are made well in advance.
  • Chinese and certain Asian customs offices will typically close down during the first two days of Lunar New Year (15th and 16th).
  • Customs will usually reopen on the 17th and remain open throughout the holiday but with a skeletal staff on duty. General standard import/export operations will be accepted for clearance and any non-general request.  While temporary, warranty, exhibition clearance will be dealt with after the 22nd.