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Los Angeles & Long Beach Labor Strike Update

The talks between the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Employers Association, a group representing 14 steamship lines and terminals, and clerical workers represented by the International Longshore Workers Union Local 63 Office Clerical Unit (OCU) broke down last week.  Below is a recap of the situation and information on the status of each terminal.

  • 11/21:  talks break down; disruption likely
  • 11/27:  at noon on Tuesday the ILWU Local 63 OCU picketed APM Terminal Pier 400 (ILWU will honor the picket lines)
  • 11/28:  APM Terminal (the largest terminal at the Port of Los Angeles) remained shut down for a second day.  Workers ignored an arbitrator’s order to return to work and the OCU widened their strike, walking out and putting up pickets at thirteen other companies in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  The ILWU longshore locals honored those pickets, effectively shutting down operations in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
  • 11/28-11/29:  ILWU strike spreads to terminals throughout LA/LB; the strike in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach spread to about 10 terminals in the ports.
  • 11/29:  The 10 container terminals remained shut down in Los Angeles/Long Beach.  A crisis has not yet developed at the nation’s largest port complex, but if the terminals remain closed through the weekend, some cargo interests and industry executives are predicting gridlock will result.
  • 11/29 cont.:  The National Retail Federation has urged President Obama “to use all means necessary” to restart stalled contract negotiations between management and striking union workers at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
    • LA-Long Beach Employers Put Ball in Union’s Court; the lead negotiator for employers in the ports of Los Angeles / Long Beach said shipping and terminal executives are prepared to resume contract negotiations immediately with striking office clerical works.  In a letter Thursday afternoon to John Fageaux, President of the ILWU Local 63, attorney Stephen Berry said employers were prepared to meet with the union Thursday evening or Friday.  “the employers remain willing to do so without any preconditions, but the ball is in the union’s court,” Berry said.

Below is current status of each terminal as of 11/29:

Port of Long Beach terminals:

  • Pier T = TTI (Hanjin terminal) CLOSED – Lines served: Hanjin/KLine/Cosco/Yang Ming/NYK/Hapag/OOCL/CMA-CGM/MSC
  • Pier G = ITS (KLine terminal) CLOSED – Lines served: Hanjin/KLine/Cosco/Yang Ming/JAS Service – (ITS has advised they will remain closed through the Friday 11/30 dayshift)
  • Pier F = LBCT (OOCL terminal) CLOSED – Lines served: OOCL/NYK/Hapag
  • Pier J = PCT ( Cosco Terminal operated by SSA) OPEN – Lines served: Cosco/Hanjin/KLine/Yang Ming/CMA-CGM/Zim
  • Pier A = SSAT (MSC & Zim main terminal operated by SSA) OPEN – Lines served: MSC/Zim
  • Pier C = SSAT (Matson terminal operated by SSA) OPEN – Lines served: Matson

Port of Los Angeles terminals:

  • Berth 100 = WBCT (China Shipping terminal) CLOSED – Lines served: China Shipping/Hanjin/KLine/Cosco/Yang Ming/Evergreen/Zim
  • Berth 121-131 = YMCT (Yang Ming terminal) CLOSED – Lines served: Yang Ming/Hanjin/KLine/Cosco/China Shipping/Evergreen/Zim
  • Berth 135-139 = Trapac (MOL terminal) OPEN – Lines served: MOL/APL/HMM/Hamburg Sud
  • Berth 212-225 = YTI (NYK terminal) CLOSED – Lines served: NYK/OOCL/Hapag
  • Berth 226-236 = Evergreen (Evergreen terminal) CLOSED – Lines served: Evergreen/China Shipping/Zim
  • Berth 302-305 = GGS (APL terminal) CLOSED – Lines served: APL/HMM/MOL/Hapag/Evergreen
  • Berth 401-404 = APM (Maersk terminal) CLOSED – Lines served: Maersk/Horizon/Hapag/OOCL/SAF/NYK/MSC/CMA-CGM/US Lines
  • Berth 405-406 = CUT (Hyundai terminal) CLOSED – Lines served: APL/HMM/MOL

MIQ Logistics Comment

MIQ Logistics will continue to monitor the situation and update you with additional information as it becomes available. If you have any questions, please contact your MIQ Logistics representative.