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MIQ Buying Power Cuts Customer’s Transportation Spend

Our customer is a business unit within a global corporation that develops and manufacturers healthcare, graphic arts, optical devices, and high-tech products. Another business unit within the corporation requested our customer combine transportation services, and use their carrier as a way to save money through volume rates.

As our customer’s supply-chain partner, our challenge is always to deliver the best value.Trucking Case Study

In this situation, our solution started with an engineering study. We contacted the other business unit to obtain the rates charged by their carrier. Then we contacted the same carrier directly and asked for quotes based on the combined business units’ shipment count and destinations. Our study compared the business unit’s current LTL carrier rates with the rates quoted to MIQ Logistics.

The engineering study revealed that MIQ Logistics could reduce the customer’s LTL spend by nearly $152,000, annually, with a rate structure almost $11,000 below the customer’s parent corporate rate.


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