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MIQ Logistics Recognized for Excellence

Latin American operations awarded for mining supply chain solutions

Overland Park, KS, February 15, 2011–MIQ Logistics announced today that, in separate events, two South American mining clients recognized MIQ Logistics for supply chain excellence, noting the flexible solutions and technology investments the company made to support the specific needs of the mining industry.

Minera Barrick Misquichilca (MBM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian company Barrick Gold Corporation, presented the company with its Lean Supplier Award. The award recognizes MIQ Logistics for its 2010 work in developing technologies that expedite the MBM invoice payment process. Based on the MIQ Logistics PowerPlus purchase order and tracking system, the tool identifies and lists invoices that are ready for payment, along with their item-level costs. This allows MBM employees to quickly check costs, attach the purchase order and authorize payment.

Compañia Minera Antamina presented MIQ Logistics with its Sumajg Award in recognition of excellence among the mining company’s strategic partners. In 2010, MIQ Logistics worked with another Antamina vendor to create a Web-based information solution which provides a consolidated view of their logistics activities. The solution simplifies supply chain monitoring, giving Antamina employees one resource for comprehensive import/export, warehousing and transportation information on their shipments.

“This is the second consecutive year these two clients have recognized the supply chain solutions of our Latin American operations, and we are honored by their awards,” says John Carr, president and chief operations officer of MIQ Logistics. “The logistics requirements of the mining and energy industry are quite different from those supporting manufacturing or retail. We are committed to continue to provide innovative solutions to meet those special needs in Latin America and elsewhere in the world.”

About MIQ Logistics

MIQ Logistics is a global logistics company headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas and with offices in North America, Asia, Europe and South America. MIQ Logistics enables companies to improve their transportation network and overall supply chain efficiency by offering flexible logistics solutions supported by Web-native technology and global logistics management capabilities.

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