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MIQ Logistics Reviewed by Armstrong & Associates

Overland Park, KS, September 27, 2011–The capabilities, culture and growth potential of MIQ Logistics are covered in a recent case study by Armstrong & Associates, a leading provider of supply chain marketing research and management consulting services.

Written by Chairman and CEO Richard D. Armstrong, the case study describes MIQ as a growing company, large enough to have global supply chain solutions and scale, yet sized to meet customer needs with agility and flexibility.

“Dick Armstrong is an important voice in supply chain management and we value his perspective on our company,” says Joey Carnes, chairman and CEO of MIQ Logistics. “As he points out, our operations are focused on the global supply chain, which encompasses global, distribution and transportation services. Our services, combined with teamwork and a consistent value system and culture worldwide, deliver significant results for our customers.”
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Armstrong & Associates, Inc. is a supply chain management market research and consulting firm specializing in competitive benchmarking, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, logistics outsourcing, centralized transportation management programs, and supply chain systems evaluation and selection.

About MIQ Logistics

MIQ Logistics is a global logistics company headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, and with offices in North America, Asia, Europe and South America. MIQ Logistics enables companies to improve their transportation network and overall supply chain efficiency by offering flexible logistics solutions supported by Web-native technology and global logistics management capabilities.

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