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MIQ Logistics Peru Receives Certification By ICMC

On February 28th, the International Cyanide Management Institute announced that MIQ Logistics Peru International Supply Chain has been certified to be in full compliance with the International Cyanide Management Code (Cyanide Code).

According to the ICMI, “The Cyanide Code is a voluntary industry program for companies involved in the production of gold and/or silver and companies producing and transporting this cyanide”

MIQ Peru

Above: Flavio Frank Arbildo (Head of Health, Safety, and Environment – MIQ Peru)

“Currently, MIQ is the only logistics company in Peru that has this certification under the scope that integrates maritime (cabotage) and land transport according to the most demanding safety standards” said Flavio Frank Arbildo, ( Head of Health Safety and Environment (HSE) for MIQ Peru ).  “The certification of our supply chain under the requirements of the International Code for the Management of Cyanide, will allow MIQ to provide logistics services to other companies in the mining sector that use cyanide within their production processes.”

The International Cyanide Management Institute certified MIQ Logistics, after reviewing a Summary Audit Report.  The report is prepared by an independent professional third-party auditor who evaluates MIQ’s International Supply Chain against ICMI’s Transport Verification Protocol. The report which can be found here, found MIQ to be in FULL COMPLIANCE with the Cyanide Code’s Principles and Standards of Practice.

“This voluntary certification within Peru, is one more way for MIQ to show our compliance and support of the mining industry” said John Carr, MIQ President and Chief Executive Officer. “MIQ has an extensive history in mining logistics; from HSE accountability and engineering studies to end-to-end over-dimensional moves into remote locations. This distinction only strengthens our expertise even more within the mining industry for Peru”.

About International Cyanide Management Institute

ICMI has been established to administer the Cyanide Code, promote its adoption, evaluate its implementation, and manage the certification process. A detailed list of the operations covered by signatory companies’ applications, along with the full text of the Cyanide Code and its implementing and administrative documents, are available at

About MIQ Logistics

MIQ Logistics is a global logistics company headquartered in Overland Park, Kan., and with offices in North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America. MIQ Logistics enables companies to improve their transportation network and overall supply chain efficiency by offering flexible logistics solutions supported by Web-native technology and global logistics management capabilities.