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PMA makes offer to ilwu in effort to avoid work stoppage

On Wednesday afternoon the PMA (Pacific Maritime Association) announced that an “All-In” offer had been submitted to ILWU (International Longshore Warehouse Union) in an effort to bring closure to eight months of ongoing contract negotiations. Details pertaining to compensation and health care offer were disclosed within the PMA press release.

PMA President Jim McKenna stated, “Our members have shown tremendous restraint in the face of ILWU slowdowns that have cut productivity by as much as 30, 40, and even 50 percent. This offer puts us all-in as we seek to wrap up these contract talks and return our ports to normal operations.”

PMA cites within their press release that their offer meets the ILWU’s “two biggest demands” as related to health care benefits along with jurisdiction over maintenance and repair of truck chassis.

Also on Wednesday, came word from ILWU President Robert McEllrath that the parties were “extremely close” to reaching an agreement. The article from “Longshore & Shipping News” indicated that the ILWU has pleaded with the Federal Mediator to “keep both parties at the talks until the nearly-finished agreement is concluded.”

Both parties have been working with Federal Mediation since early January in an effort to resolve the labor dispute.

MIQ Logistics will continue to monitor this situation closely and will track updates on our Ocean Freight Forwarding Market Update page, as they become available.

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