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Possible West Coast Trade Disruption

The Coalition of New England Companies for Trade (CONECT) issued an advisory Thursday evening regarding a possible West Coast Trade Disruption.

According to the CONECT advisory, the Teamsters are planning a one (1) week strike targeted at LA/LB harbor drayage companies: TTSI, Pac9, and Green Fleet, who combined have approximately 500 trucks. The Teamsters have accused these companies of wrongfully classifying truck drivers as independent contractors, a classification that denies drivers workplace protections such as overtime and mandated work breaks. It also results in lower pay, according to “Justice for LA/LB Port Truck Drivers” a union-backed group.  The Teamsters plan to follow these trucks to the harbor and establish pickets at terminal they enter.

It is unknown if the ILWU will honor the Teamster picket lines while they are in the midst of their own contract negotiations.  If the ILWU does honor the Teamster picket lines, this may have the ability to temporarily shut down some Los Angeles terminals.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) also posted updated interim procedures in the event of a west coast trade disruption.  These procedures include front-of-the-line benefits and priority processing to partners in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program, detailed instructions for processing shipments when vessels divert to different ports and, the collateral procedures for shipments requiring FDA notification.

We will monitor the situation and update you as needed. For more information, please contact your local MIQ Logistics representative.