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Potential Supply Chain Disruptions Due To China Factory Inspections

MIQ Logistics is hearing reports of potential supply chain interruptions due to manufacturers in China cutting back production or closing down factories temporarily due to environmental protection measures taken by the Chinese Government. According to multiple sources, the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has increased enforcement of clean air and water laws in an effort to reduce pollution.

“Factory operations suspended under sweeping environmental inspections are affecting supply chains in China ranging from chemicals to electronics to textiles, creating a crunch at its ports and uncertain timelines for deliveries.” according to an article by Bloomberg BNA.

The environmental inspections are impacting thousands of factories and their suppliers in a variety of industries throughout China’s main manufacturing areas. Supply chain disruptions could occur as manufacturers may get behind on production schedules that could result in shipping delays.

MIQ Logistics is monitoring the situation, and we will help with contingency plans for any customers that could be impacted. For more information, contact your local MIQ Logistics representative or email