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Presentation of Solar Industry Supply Chain Research

Overland Park, KS, September 1, 2011–Research findings on solar industry supply chain trends and best practices will be presented on Thursday, Sept. 22 in Sunnyvale, Calif. Golden Gate University researchers will present their findings as part of a Solar Supply Chain Conference hosted by MIQ Logistics.

The research was undertaken to address the need for greater supply chain control and efficiencies within the solar industry. The industry is faced with predictions of falling solar panel prices, declining profitability and increasing demand for U.S. installations.

The Golden Gate University project researches the current supply chain management procedures, networks and resources used to support the service of the entire life cycle of solar equipment. The findings document both primary and secondary research. Data were collected from the statistics of US TradeĀ® Online offered by The Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau. The team also analyzed data collected from over 260 solar industry companies on their manufacturing, transportation, inventory, assembly and delivery processes.

In addition to the research results, the conference will include a presentation by MIQ Logistics CEO and Chairman, Joey Carnes on population demographics and the growth of the solar industry. Those interested in attending the Solar Supply Chain Conference should register online at MIQ Logistics.

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