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Shanghai Manufacturers Face Potential Summer Shutdown

G-20 2016

On Sept 4th – 6th, the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang will host the 11th G-20 meeting; the first ever G-20 to be held in China. Fashion brands, retailers and other importers are facing the potential of a supply chain disruption, as Shanghai factories prepare for partial and complete closure in advance of the summit which will be located nearest to China’s largest city.

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Our MIQ Logistics Shanghai office is already receiving increasing anecdotal evidence that factories in Shanghai and Hangzhou are preparing for slowdowns, partial and total shutdowns ahead of the G-20 summit.

Apparently related to a clean air campaign, factories could reduce or cease production starting as early as June.

With the Summit not opening until September, importers sourcing from the Shanghai area could face a summer of supply chain disruption.

MIQ Logistics will continue to monitor the situation and are seeking official clarification.

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