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Supply Chain Efficiencies: No Hype, Just Facts.

It’s a fact: Supply chains have a quantifiable effect on productivity and financial performance. Now ask yourself, is your supply chain making a positive impact? Or could it be holding your company back?

A deeper understanding of your supply chain, expertise in supply chain management, and new technologies will go a long way to gain efficiencies.

Here are three quick examples from our company files that illustrate this point.

Contain costs and increase supply chain velocity

An electronics company sources products from South China and Taiwan for sales in the U.S.  When we got involved, we looked at their total distribution pattern. We saw opportunities to consolidate shipments in Singapore. This would reduce the number of warehouses they need and optimize their transportation. We also proposed that while the goods are in Singapore, we label them for delivery to the end customer. This would reduce labor costs and bypass their U.S. distribution center. We receive the goods, consolidate individual shipments and distribute them within 24 hours. Read more

Improve purchasing, transportation and distribution decisions

A freight-forwarding customer leveraged our global expertise and capabilities to improve the productivity of its retail supply chains. With MIQ Logistics employees in the sourcing countries, and our technologies, we give the customer 20/20 visibility into purchase order and shipment information. With this information, they consolidate multiple vendor shipments at origin for better transportation rates. They streamline their documentation and customs clearance process for faster cycle times. And they know the location of goods – down to the SKU level – at any moment in time, which lets them direct inventory movement among stores. Read more

Gain efficiency with centralized transportation

Our utility customer has 34 plants, which deliver power to 3.1 million U.S. customers. Prior to our involvement, each plant managed its own transportation needs – and did it manually!  We showed them how a central load-control center would reduce their transportation expenses, improve vendor compliance and increase productivity. The plan worked. For more than 10 years, and the implementation of umpteen continuous improvement initiatives, they remain a satisfied customer. Read more

Check out these and other case studies for ways MIQ Logistics delivers transportation and global supply chain efficiencies.