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Tariffs … How Policy Changes will Impact your Family Entertainment Center (FEC) – MIQ/Redemption Plus Podcast

Trade wars and tariffs continue to be a topic of interest across all segments of our economy. As experts in global trade management and compliance, the MIQ Logistics team of experts is often asked to share their knowledge and participate in trade shows, educational events, news stories, and training.

A recent Tchotchke Talk Podcast hosted by Redemption Plus, Tariffs… How Policy Changes will Impact your FEC, features Kevin Ekstrand, MIQ Logistics’ Sr. Director Business Development and Trade Compliance. Redemption Plus invited Kevin to join the podcast to discuss tariffs and trade related to the family entertainment, toy and merchandising sector. Kevin defines tariffs and duties and explains the changes that have been implemented this year. He explains how the family and bowling entertainment industry has been impacted by the recent tariff changes and discusses business strategies that can be implemented to accommodate for these changes.

The podcast may also be accessed here.

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