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Another Temporary Suspension of West Coast Vessel Operations

Yesterday, the PMA (Pacific Maritime Association) announced the temporary suspension of premium-pay weekend and holiday vessel operations. This impacts 29 West Coast ports on four of the next five days: Thursday, 2/12 (Lincoln’s Birthday); Saturday, 2/14; Sunday, 2/15; and Monday, 2/16 (Washington’s Birthday). The PMA indicated that yard, rail and gate operations would continue at terminal operators’ discretion. 

In the PMA announcement, PMA spokesman Wade Gates said, “[The ILWU] continued slowdowns that will soon bring West Coast ports to gridlock. What they’re doing amounts to a strike with pay, and we will reduce the extent to which we pay premium rates for such a strike.”

The PMA suspended weekend vessel operations last weekend as well.

Additionally, the situation is catching the attention of national media, such as: NBC, CBS, ABC, and others.

You can see additional updates and background of the situation on the MIQ Logistics Ocean Freight Forwarding Market Update.

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