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Retail & Apparel

Today’s demand-driven retail supply chains depend on reliable, efficient operations, which can respond with agility. The Noatum Logistics teams in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America offer unparalleled experience, insight and strategic advice to help retailers improve the efficiency of their supply chains.

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Noatum Logistics goes the extra mile to ensure we deliver dependable, cost-effective supply chain management solutions, which meet the everyday challenges of making sure the right product is at the right place at the right time.

Our retail logistics management solutions span major trade regions around the world, offering a broad portfolio of global logistics services.

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Retail Services

Vendor management

These initiatives leverage our experience with major retailers and mass merchandisers for improved scorecard performance. They include vendor education, purchase order and SKU-level management, document verification, order confirmation and VAS in strategic Asia locations.

Origin services

We work with your vendors to ensure quick and effective turnover, from the manufacturer’s door to the port. Our services feature shipment planning, execution and a range of value-added offerings that include samples, light assembly, kitting, repackaging and conversion activities, display shippers, specialized product identification and more.

Noatum Logistics Workers RepackagingTransportation services

Our comprehensive worldwide network of flexible transportation services helps you reduce operating costs while improving access to capacity, modes, trade lanes and service times on transportation to, from and within Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America.

Distribution Services

Our logistics engineers will design solutions to meet your exact requirements for responding to changing market conditions. They include vendor consolidation, import deconsolidation, warehouse management, flow-through order fulfillment, business process outsourcing and DC bypass.

Account management

We work in partnership with our customers to create continuous value by establishing and tracking key performance indicators and conducting customer business reviews.  We provide a primary point of contact for you. Our global account managers work in collaboration with our regional account managers to ensure 24-hour coverage and supply chain management. Upon request, we’re also available for onsite supervision.


At Noatum Logistics, we use the very latest Web-hosted technology to keep you connected with your shipments so that you can better manage processes, details and the documentation inherent in global supply chains. Our systems are built around flexibility and are designed to meet the unique requirements of each of our customers.

Special Projects

Out-of-the-ordinary retail shipments or timelines require a higher level of service to deliver confidence that shipments will move as planned. Our retail logistics management services have proven successful for retailers and their vendors for new product launches, special orders, unusual-size shipments, rework projects and shipments requiring kitting, labeling, inserts, and other value-added services.

Fashion industry-specific services

Retail Lady ShoppingWith experienced personnel in all global fashion manufacturing centers and value-added services available in strategic global locations, Noatum Logistics provides reliable retail logistics services:

Garment processing

Whether boxed, bagged or on hangers, Noatum Logistics can process garments to your specifications, quickly and accurately, for better outcomes upon their retail delivery.

Quality check

Our quality control inspections can catch and handle minor repairs on site, avoiding disruptions to your product flow.

Mail order packing

We can pick and pack orders, and convert hanging garments into folded and bagged units ready for shipping.

Retail Supply Chain Compliance

Retail ShirtsNoatum Logistics builds safeguards into our processes, checking a shipment’s status at key milestones to detect and eliminate most international freight forwarding problems.  As part of this, we ensure regulatory compliance while mitigating supply chain disruptions and identify cost savings opportunities for our customers.
As a standard practice we:

  • Supervise compliance based on specific customer requirements
  • Closely monitor domestic transportation
  • Evaluate documentation, including letters of credit, licenses OPRs, regulatory paperwork
  • Examine pre-boarding manifests and loading
  • Conduct security checks
  • Confirm post-shipment status
  • Check for customs clearance
  • Confirm the shipment’s arrival at port and its unloading schedule
  • Verify final delivery.

In addition, our Global Trade Management services enable our retail customers to make informed sourcing and transportation decisions further upstream in the supply chain, creating more nimble supply chains and improved cost control. We can provide compliance assessments, training, policy and procedures, protests, regulatory research, trade agreement advice and customs valuation guidance.

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