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Continued Chassis Shortages At Major U.S. Ports

MIQ Logistics wishes to provide information concerning a shortage of chassis in the major ports at both U.S. coasts.

Over the last few years ocean carriers have stopped providing “free” chassis as part of their overall package service. The solution from the intermodal industry has been to utilize chassis pools and chassis leasing options. The ocean carrier’s separation from chassis has resulted in a negative impact on productivity. Delays and increased costs are being incurred due to chassis being picked up at one location and containers at a second location, which has led to congestion and chassis shortages.

In addition, the timing of the chassis shortage is coinciding with carrier alliance updates and record import volumes to U.S. ports. In an article dated September 9th, the National Retail Federation points to above-average levels as import volume at U.S. ports is estimated to total 1.47 million containers in the month of September. This would be a slight drop from August, which hit an all-time record of 1.53 million TEU. The latest 2014 forecast is for a total of 17.1 million TEU to arrive at U.S. ports, which would be a 5.3% increase YOY. NRF mentions retailers’ concern over the lack of a West Coast longshoremen’s contract could be accounting for the higher than usual levels of inbound merchandise.

MIQ Logistics will monitor the situation and update you as needed. For more information, please contact your local MIQ Logistics representative.